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Book Review: Kolkata Noir By Tom Vater

Book– Kolkata Noir

Author – Tom Vater

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Book Details

Publisher – Next Chapter; Large type / Large print edition (7 July 2021)

Publication date- 7 July 2021

Language- English

Genre – Crime Fiction 

Paperback – ‎210 pages

Format – Paperback, hardcover, and ebook

ISBN-10 – ‎4867516406

ISBN-13 – 978-4867516409

Kolkata Noir by Tom Vater


Becker is a British traveler in trouble. Madhurima is a rising star police officer. In these three explosive tales, the two join forces to investigate the city’s crooked high society.

On the way, they take on deluded would-be messiahs in search of Mother Teresa’s stolen millions, encounter fanatics, circus freaks, and cannibals, fall in and out of love and pay homage to one of the world’s most beautiful and toughest cities.

Amidst passion, murder and mayhem, is there room for two lovers driven by justice and compassion?

Tom Vater’s ‘Kolkata Noir’ is a riveting crime fiction cycle of three novellas set in the past, the present, and the future.


There are three novellas(short novels) in this book. All these novellas are based in Kolkata (a city and the capital of India’s West Bengal state). This book is very well written. Although these stories are all fictional, they still seem very real and this is because of the great writing.

All the novellas keep their grip to the end so that the reader can enjoy reading them. The reader gets lost in these stories to solve the mystery of the stories. Characters are very well defined. There are very particular and important characters, which I like the most because there are fewer characters and fewer complications to understand the story.

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One thing that I want to add is that the way the author illustrated Indian Culture(Bengali Culture) is speechless. I have never thought that a foreign author can write about Indian culture this well. The way the author explains the Rath Yatra(Indian festival) is wonderful. 

All the novellas are the best, but I like the first novella more than the other novellas. 

The writing is very Indian(that gives you the Indian vibe),  easy, and understandable. Some Hindi and Bengali words hit differently and make this book even more notable.

I don’t find any sort of downside to this book. Everything is just perfect. 



I highly recommend this book to people who love reading short novellas and crime fiction genres. And to every Indian. Because it’s worth reading this book.

Thank you so much, Tom Vater(the author) for sending me this amazing book.

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